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Certified RV Inspections in Georgia

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Why should you get an RV Inspection?

You don't buy a home without a home inspection and an RV is essentially a home on wheels and a lot of times just as costly. As an NRVIA Certified Inspector in Dacula, Georgia, our job is to educate the interested party on the condition of the RV with an in-depth, unbiased, 3rd party inspection which includes a detailed report, and photos, showing potential issues or hazardous conditions so that you can make an informed purchasing decision and avoid buying someone else's problems.


We have no financial interest in the outcome of the inspection. We do not make any repairs on the units we inspect. We simply make you aware of the potential issues with the RV. We have only your interests in mind. 

As a Certified RV Inspector in Georgia, we are required to follow very specific Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics to ensure that you, the consumer, will receive an impartial, unbiased inspection of the highest quality.

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Todd Henson, a course instructor with the NRVTA, explains why it is important to get a RV Inspection from an NRVIA Certified Inspector. 

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Do I Need An Inspection When Buying A New RV?

When we bought our first RV, we were looking at price, functionality and whether it would accommodate our large family. Should we get one with bunkbeds? How much storage do we need? What can we afford? Will our kids even want to camp with us? These were all questions we were asking ourselves. While we were looking at the cosmetics, we weren't really considering whether it would have any mechanical issues. We assumed that since we were buying from a dealership that we didn't have to worry about that. This could not be further from the truth! Whether you buy a new or used RV, it is critical to have an independent pre-purchase inspection by an NRVIA Certified RV Inspector. It is one of the most important elements of the entire sales process. 


Just because you are purchasing a new RV from a dealership, doesn't mean that it is free from issues. Sometimes components get installed improperly or mis-wired at the manufacturer and things do get overlooked. Many times these brand new RV's spend the first few months in the service shop getting warranty work, all while you are making the payments. Hiring a Certified Independent RV Inspector to do a complete inspection not only ensures that the unit is functional and safe, but can identify repairs BEFORE you take possession, saving you the time and headache. You don't want to find these issues on your very first camping trip when your slide won't retract! 

Save time and money by getting your new RV inspected by an NRVIA Certified RV Inspector before you drive off the lot so you can ensure that you won't be making payments on an RV that is sitting in the shop getting warranty work. 

What is included in an RV Inspection?


​RV Inspections

  1. Plumbing System

  2. Electrical System

  3. LP System

  4. Exterior

  5. Interior

  6. Appliances

  7. Running Gear

  8. Chassis

​Interior Systems

  • Plumbing Systems

  • ​Heating System

  • Ventilation

  • Air Conditioning

  • Refrigeration

  • Cooktop/Stove

  • Electrical Systems

  • Microwave Oven

  • Washer and Dryer (if applicable)

Exterior Systems

  • Condition of Roof

  • Slide-Out Systems

  • Awnings and Slide Toppers

  • Antennas

  • LP Gas Tanks

  • Tires

  • Chassis and House Lighting

  • Generator

  • Propane System

  • Leveling System

  • Hitch

  • Storage Compartments

  • Exterior Condition and Appearance

Who Needs an RV Inspection?

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