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Is it safe to travel in an RV during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Many vacationers are experiencing canceled trips due to the coronavirus or are choosing not to travel in confined spaces such as airplanes or cruise ships.  Instead, they are looking at alternatives, such as taking a road trip in an RV in order to avoid large crowds and to spend some time exploring the great outdoors. Traveling in an RV is a safer alternative because it is self-contained.  You can cook your own meals instead of going to busy restaurants and sleep in your own bed.  This not only allows you to travel responsibly but can also help you save money! Because of the high costs of owning and maintaining an RV, many are turning to RV Rental Companies such as US RV Adventure to rent a motorhome for their family vacation.

Your safety and health while traveling is our upmost concern always, and especially due to the coronavirus outbreak. Here are the precautions we are taking to keep you safe.


  1. Clean RV to remove germs, dirt and other impurities.

  2. Disinfect all hard non-porous surfaces using a diluted household bleach solution. We disinfect all appliances, tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, toilets, faucets, sinks, remote controls, etc...

  3. Launder all linens in hot water and dry completely.

  4. Run an Ozone Generator to kill Airborne pathogens, including SARS, Coronavirus, and influenzas

  5. While we can offer sheets for the beds and towels for bathing, we ask that you bring your own pillows and blankets.

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