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Do you want to make money by renting your RV?

We can help!

Consignment can help your RV pay for itself.

If you find yourself with an RV that you just don't use as much as you thought that you would and it is just sitting around in storage, our consignment program may just be what you are looking for. What if you could actually make money by renting your RV? Whether you are just looking to offset your monthly payments, or make enough to completely cover your costs, US RV Adventure can help you.

We have a fleet of our own and we also manage the rentals of others.

How does RV Rental Consignment work?

  • We maintain your coach and provide all the scheduled routine maintenance. Our staff technicians have been through rigorous training and will take great care of your coach.

  • We thoroughly screen the renters in order to protect you and your RV.

  • We handle all the marketing, contracts, renter training, and support while they are on their trip.

  • We collect the money and the deposit and deal with any of the damages.

  • You get tax advantages for renting your RV.

  • You still get to use your RV whenever you want.

  • You get a detailed report and a monthly check deposited right into your account. 

We have earned and maintained a 5 star reputation by taking care of our vehicles, our renters and our partners.

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